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MiniFAB is an ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certified, privately-held contract engineering firm providing custom development and manufacture of disposable polymer micro-engineered products.

Established in 2002, MiniFAB has completed over 900 projects with clients worldwide. With a flexible and open engagement model, MiniFAB's product development process covers the entire spectrum, from converting early-stage product concepts into prototypes through to full-scale, high throughput OEM & ODM manufacturing.

With a focus on microfluidics and lab-on-chip solutions for point-of-care, laboratory, and in-field applications, MiniFAB delivers custom solutions into diverse markets including medical devices, diagnostics, food packaging and aerospace.

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Benjamin Sullivan, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer - TearLab Corp.


Celebrating 11 Years of MiniFAB

MiniFAB is celebrating 11 years of developing and manufacturing polymer micro-engineered products.

This time last year we spoke with MiniFAB's team about the 10 year milestone, the company's past, present and future. Put faces to MiniFAB's names and explore the MiniFAB environment in the three short videos below or visit our MiniFAB YouTube Channel.



Ideas into Products

Ideas into Products

MiniFAB's experienced team manages complex projects with rapid progression of design concepts into manufactured products.

Integration at Heart

Integration at Heart

Bringing together people, skills and technology.

IS0 9001 OEM Manufacturing

IS0 9001 OEM Manufacturing

MiniFAB can manufacture your new or existing products rapidly and reliably with extremely high tolerances achieved through integrated engineering and manufacturing.

Solving your Toughest Problem

Solving your Toughest Problem

With our track record of solving manufacturing problems that "couldn't be solved," we are so much more than a job shop.

Design and Prototype

Design & Prototype

MiniFAB has exceptional in-house design and engineering competence, tackling some of the most difficult problems to create solutions that provide value for our clients.

ISO 13485 and GMP Quality System

ISO 13485 & GMP Quality System

MiniFAB can offer full-scale, ISO-certified volume manufacturing from our 45,000ft2 (4,200m2) facility.

MiniFAB News

CEO Report - MiniFAB Newsletter Edition #12 Nov 2013 NOV 2013

Last month, Australia voted for a change in government at the same time that the US decided to shut down its government. Thankfully the US government shutdown is now just another bookmark in history.


In Memoriam - MiniFAB Newsletter Edition #12 Nov 2013 NOV 2013

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of MiniFAB Director, valued colleague and dear friend, Professor Ron Lawes.


FAB people - MiniFAB Newsletter Edition #12 Nov 2013 NOV 2013

Welcome to FAB People; a chance for you to get to know the team that makes MiniFAB the world-leading custom development and manufacturing company it is. Today we meet Business Development Manager, Andrew Campitelli.


Happy Birthday MiniFAB OCT 2013

On this day 11 years ago MiniFAB opened its doors for the first time.


CEO Report - MiniFAB Newsletter Edition #11 May 2013 MAY 2013

The Australian medical diagnostics sector represents around $9B out of a global medical device and imaging market of $280B.


MiniFAB Events

Biosensors 2014, Melbourne, Australia, Booth #16 27-30 MAY 2014

Biosensors 2014 is a three-day event covering the latest research and developments in...


AMTIL Conference, Main Beach, Australia 5-6 JUN 2014

This year's Australian Manufacturing Conference, operated by AMTIL, is themed 'Leadership in Business'


20th International AIDS Conference, Melbourne, Australia 20-25 JUL 2014

The International AIDS Conference is the premier gathering for those working in the field of HIV...


AACC 2014, Chicago, Il, Booth #656 27-31 JUL 2014

Connect with global leaders in clinical chemistry, molecular diagnostics, mass spectrometry, translational medicine...


Lab-on-a-Chip & Microarray World Congress, San Diegno, Ca, Booth #37 18-19 SEPT 2014

This conference will discuss the innovative developments in Lab-on-a-Chip (LOAC), Microfluidics, and Microarrays Spaces.


Eye disease diagnostics

Eye Disease Diagnostics

Analysis of ocular disorder by sampling and analysing 50nL of tear fluid.

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Cancer diagnostics

Cancer Diagnostics

Point of care biosensor system for cancer diagnosis.

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Molecular diagnostics

Molecular Diagnostics

Microfluidic cartridges for sample preparation and molecular diagnostics.

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Bionic Eye

Direct to Brain Bionic Eye

4 year Australian Research Council funded Development Program.

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