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Happy Birthday MiniFAB OCT 2013

On this day 11 years ago MiniFAB opened its doors for the first time.

From a small start-up to a world-leader in product development and manufacturing of micro-engineered products, MiniFAB has travelled a rewarding, challenging and sometimes winding road to get here. Last year we marked 10 years of MiniFAB with a series of 1-2 minute videos featuring interviews with staff and glimpses into the inner workings of 1 Dalmore Drive, MiniFAB's head office. We thought they warranted a second outing.

The team reflects on 10 years of MiniFAB, what we've achieved and our company's reputation in the global market. In Project Engineer Brody Payne's words, "When you actually stand back and look at what we've achieved, it's really quite incredible".

Watch the team reminisce on how the company's grown, the dawn of MiniFAB's quality system and taking the TearLab product from a concept to manufacturing over 100,000 parts per month.

In the last of our anniversary videos the team talks about MiniFAB's tight-knit community, culture as we look towards our company's exciting future. "MiniFAB is definitely the best team I've worked with. There's no individuals as such, we're all working together for the company and it's a culture," says Quality Manager Catherine Willis.

CEO Report - MiniFAB Newsletter Edition #11 May 2013 MAY 2013

The Australian medical diagnostics sector represents around $9B out of a global medical device and imaging market of $280B. Both of these numbers are growing rapidly, and with its well-established funding and rebate schemes the Australian market is highly attractive for medical device and diagnostic businesses.

Australia is the fourth largest market for medical devices by revenue and the third largest for diagnostics within Asia Pacific according to AusBiotech. Australia joins Japan, China, South Korea and India in the top five, though our population is easily the smallest of the set.

Australians tend to regard our $11B domestic automotive manufacturing market with some passion, which financially at least, is very much in the same league as medical devices. So if passion is proportional to financial size, then the Australian medical diagnostics sector is being short-changed. There is a robust base of high quality instrument and device developers in Australia with experience in developing products and solutions for large and very large clients around the world.

Recognising our domestic expertise, the Victorian State Government is running the very successful Technical Voucher Program (TVP), which supports local companies, facilitating access to the State’s technology skills and services for product development.

In a welcome update to the program, the State Government is now allowing international applicants to receive vouchers to work with Victorian service providers. MiniFAB was delighted to learn recently that Kiwi company Zygem has been awarded a voucher to access our team’s expertise in microfluidics, diagnostics and manufacturing. Zygem is developing a device using molecular detection for rapid, mobile, forensic DNA fingerprinting.

Another TVP recipient MiniFAB will be teaming up with is IntelliMedical Technologies. The Victorian company is developing the IntelliWire, a steerable micro-guidewire for use in medical procedures. With a diameter of just 0.014” (0.36mm), the robotically steerable guidewire is the first of its kind and will allow cardiologists, neuroradiologists and other medical specialists to navigate the smallest and most tortuous of arteries and lesions faster and more effectively.

If you’re looking for a development partner for your product, learn more about the program here or contact Andrew Campitelli to see if your company is eligible to access MiniFAB’s experience and expertise through a TVP voucher.

Erol Harvey - CEO

Where there's a Mill, there's a way- MiniFAB Newsletter Edition #11 May 2013 MAY 2013

The combination of a new tool, micron accuracy and reproducibility is sure to enthuse any engineer, and MiniFAB’s team is no exception.

Our development and manufacturing teams are excited about the company’s new precision milling equipment and our improved milling capabilities.

Results from internal tests show improved reproducibility, higher accuracy, superior surface finishes and lower cycle times.

“By investing in our internal capabilities, MiniFAB is growing the rapid prototyping services we provide our clients,” said Manufacturing Manager, Bas Garst.

A number of our clients are taking advantage of the flexibility and speed of this tool, using our mills to create features on a micron scale.

Partner News - MiniFAB Newsletter Edition #11 May 2013 MAY 2013

Monitor TearLab’s market performance through their new iPhone App available to download through the Apple Store.

“We hope and trust [The TearLab IR App] will prove to be an essential new tool for shareholders, analysts and potential investors as they monitor our progress,” said TearLab’s CEO, Elias Vamvakas.

Check it out here

MiniFAB Newsletter Edition #11 May 2013 MAY 2013

Follow the link here to read the MiniFAB May Newsletter, our latest edition.

In it you'll find information about MiniFAB at AusMedtech and AACC 2013, Erol's CEO report, news on our milling capabilities and an update from our partners.

Five Tips for Successful Commercialisation of Lab-on-a-chip Diagnostics Mar 2013

Erol was caught on tape last year at the Lab-on-a-chip World Congress. Watch his presentation on ‘Five Tips for Successful Commercialisation of Lab-on-a-chip Diagnostics’. Be sure to turn the volume up.

MiniFAB Press Releases: February 2013 FEB 2013

MiniFAB Newsletter Edition #10 December 2012 DEC 2012

Follow the link here to read the MiniFAB December Newsletter, our latest edition.

In it you'll find information about MiniFAB at SLAS 2013 where we'll be at Booth #426, our CEO report, information on bonding and an update from TearLab.

MiniFAB Press Releases: November 2012 NOV 2012

MiniFAB Press Releases: September 2012 SEP 2012

MiniFAB Newsletter Edition #9 July 2012 JUL 2012

Click here to read the July Newsletter

In it you'll find information about MiniFAB at AACC 2012 where we'll be at Booth 2363, our CEO report, information on MiniFAB's approach to tackling on-cartridge reagent storage and Erol Harvey, MiniFAB's CEO and 2012 Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame's Enabling Technology Entrepreneur of the Year.

MiniFAB Press Releases: May 2012 MAY 2012

MiniFAB Newsletter Edition #8 February 2012 FEB 2012

Click here to read the February Newsletter

In it you'll find information about MiniFAB at MD&M West 2012 where we'll be at Booth 828, our CEO report, information on TearLab’s Regulatory successes, and an update on the bionic eye project.

The TearLab Osmalarity test overcomes two key regulatory hurdles

FEB 2013

Early this month TearLab announced that they had received communication from the FDA indicating that the Agency had approved its petition for a waiver under CLIA for their Osmalarity System. The good news kept coming last week with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) publishing instructions for the reimbursement rate for the TearLab Osmalarity test to be revised to $23.25 per eye, across all US States. "With both the CLIA Waiver and uneven reimbursement obstacles now overcome, we can look forward to the adoption curve of this groundbreaking test steeping significantly in 2012," said TearLab’s CEO, Elias Vamvakas.

"This is great news for TearLab. Having both the CLIA waiver and reimbursement will allow many more people to use the diagnostic system, and we at MiniFAB are looking forward to ramping up our production to meet the increase in demand," said MiniFAB's Manufacturing Manager, Bas Garst.

MiniFAB currently manufactures 70,000 nanofluidic test cards per month for TearLab.

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