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Micro-Engineered Solutions for Complex Problems

MiniFAB is currently developing and manufacturing customised microfluidic solutions for its global clients in the area of point of care diagnostics, lab-on-chip microfluidics and medical devices.

Projects include immuno and protein diagnostics for point of care applications; “sample to answer” molecular diagnostics for point of care applications, sample preparation modules for cell/bead applications; Smart implants for medical devices, to name a few.

Below are some examples from our MiniFAB Showcase.

Eye Disease Diagnostics Nanofluidic Point of Care Biosensor

Key Project Achievements

  • Analysis of ocular disorder by sampling and analysing 50nL of tear fluid
  • MiniFAB developer and manufacturer
  • Full product development less than 2 years
  • Current production 1M units/pa

Cancer Diagnostics Point of Care

Key Project Achievements

  • Point of care biosensor system for cancer diagnosis
  • SmartHEALTH EU 6th Framework Integrated Project
  • On-board assay reagents, MEMs biosensor
  • Integration of microfluidic metering, valves, mixers

Molecular Diagnostics Point of Care and Laboratory

Key Project Achievements

  • Microfluidic cartridges for sample preparation and molecular diagnostics
  • "Sample to answer" cartridges integrating sample preparation, amplification and detection
  • Reduced reagent volumes
  • Reduced time to result

Environmental Monitoring In-Field River Water Quality Control

Fast Monitoring of E.Coli in Field

Design Brief

Design and development of a rapid, cost effective and automatic detection system for E.coli in water, including:

  • Biosensor cartridge
  • Concentrator
  • Instrumentation (including assay reagent management system)
Applications in risk management process for water communities.

Project Outcomes

  • Designed, developed disposable microfluidic cartridges with integrated electrochemical biosensors
  • Bench-top assay (enzymatic depletion assay) transferred to microfluidic cartridge
  • Engineering of the biosensor platform interface with the concentrator
  • System integration of the biosensor platform, concentrator and instrument
  • Established CDP System for Client

Food Diagnostics Detection of Toxins in Milk

Immuno Biosensor System for Diagnostics

Design Brief

  • Development of a biosensor platform for the rapid, accurate and automatic detection of contaminates in milk
  • User scenarios: point of collection (i.e. farm), milk processing site or at milk-product manufacturing site
  • Establish initial technical feasibility of the biosensor platform for the detection of a variety of different target species in milk

Project Outcomes

  • Designed, developed disposable microfluidic cartridges with integrated electrochemical biosensors
  • Transfers bench top ELISA competitive assay for Aflatoxin M1 onto microfluidic platform
  • Production of cartridge for small pre-clinical test series (1000 units)
  • MiniChemLAB Microfluidic Workstation Prototype Instrument
  • Demonstrated detection of Aflatoxin M1 in raw milk for Client with high sensitivity, excellent dynamic range (0 to 2000ppt) and time to result < 5 minutes

Bionic Eye

  1. Outside glasses – digital camera
  2. Inside glasses – eye movement sensor will direct the camera
  3. Side of glasses – digital processor and wireless transmitter
  4. Brain implant – small implant under the skull will receive wireless signals and directly stimulate the brain's visual cortex

Monash Vision Direct to Brain Bionic Eye

  • 4 year Australian Research Council funded Development Program
  • Electrical micro-stimulation of the V1 visual cortex

MiniFAB's Role

  • Design and fabrication of implant
  • Design and fabrication of surgical tool (to assist implant surgery)
  • Guidance to the regulatory framework (ISO13485 compliance)

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