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MiniFAB's team of microfluidic experts will guide your medical devices, diagnostics and instrumentation projects from design to volume manufacturing

Roger Knight, PhD, MBA (Exec)

Roger Knight, PhD, MBA (Exec) General Manager, New Business and Commercial - Executive Team

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Roger brings extensive operational expertise to MiniFAB’s executive team with over 20 years of experience managing growth and change in technology-driven product and service companies.

During his career Roger has successfully managed the operations of divisions within several large, publically-listed businesses. He has also led a number of early stage businesses focussed on the commercialisation of new technologies. His senior management experience covers areas including analytical and medical instrumentation, waste water treatment services, communications and data security hardware.

Roger received his PhD in electro-analytical chemistry after successfully developing new monitoring instrumentation for a large resources company. He received his MBA (Exec) from the Australian Graduate School of Management and completed an Australian Institute of Company Directors Diploma.

Andrew Campitelli, PhD

Andrew Campitelli, PhD VP Business Development

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Andrew leads the business development activity at MiniFAB, focusing on building business relationships with clients, creating product development strategies and the development of new business opportunities.

Prior to joining MiniFAB, Andrew established and led the Biosensor Group at IMEC in Belgium, a world-leading research Centre in nano-electronics and nanotechnology.

Andrew has over 15 years professional experience in applied micro and nanotechnology research and development, product design, biosensor development and exploitation, point-of-care diagnostic systems, project management, team and business creation and leadership, strategic planning.

Andrew originally trained as an Engineer, with a PhD in Engineering (RMIT, Melbourne, Australia) and post-doctoral stage (CNRS, France) both specialising in microsystem based biosensors for diagnostic applications.

Edward Wilkinson

Edward Wilkinson Vice President MiniFAB USA

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Ed heads our North America office and is responsible for business development and account management. MiniFAB adopts a partnership mentality in all engagements, and Ed’s blend of technical and commercial experience allows him to become a trusted advisor to our customer’s executive teams.

Ed started his career as an Engineer at MiniFAB working on some of our first microfluidic cartridges. After 8 years with the firm, he left to join Bain & Company as a management consultant. In his time at Bain Ed worked on business growth strategy, performance improvement and sales operations cases with companies in the consumer products, technology, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. In 2016, Ed jumped at the opportunity to return to MiniFAB and setup the San Francisco office.

Ed has Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and Law from Monash University, and a MBA from Stanford University.

Jason Hayes, PhD

Jason Hayes, PhD Head of Product Development - Executive Team

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Jason Hayes is MiniFAB's Manager of Product Development, member of the Senior Management Team and one of MiniFAB's most experienced Project Managers. Since joining MiniFAB in 2002 Jason has been responsible for delivering many key projects in the area of microfabrication, microfluidic devices and medical diagnostics, working with Australian, European and US based clients. Dr Hayes was also responsible for installing MiniFAB's ISO13485:2003 Quality Management System and for the successful certification audit.

Jason now has over 15 years professional experience in applied micro and nano technology research and development, with particular emphasis in transfer of product development activities to manufacturing. Prior to joining MiniFAB in 2002 Jason worked as systems engineer integrating turnkey laser solutions into development and manufacturing facilities around the world (1996-1999), and then as a senior lecturer (MicroSystems Technology) at Swinburne University of Technology (1999-2006).

Jason earned his BSc and PhD in Applied Physics from the University of Hull in the UK, both specialising in the application of lasers technologies.

Bas Garst, MEng

Bas Garst, MEng Head of New Product Introduction

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At MiniFAB Bas is responsible for the ISO13485:2003 certified manufacturing of medical devices and components. As Manufacturing Manager, Bas works with clients to develop and implement strategies for the transfer of Proof-of-Principle devices to pilot production level suitable for clinical trials and then through to volume manufacture.

Trained in The Netherlands in mechanical engineering with a product design focus, his Masters of Engineering research was with the CRC for MicroTechnology at Swinburne University of Technology in Australia. His research focused on manufacturing and integration technologies for polymer micro-engineered devices, knowledge and skills that he uses extensively at MiniFAB.

Bas established and manages the manufacturing facilities in our cleanrooms that incorporate technologies such as laser ablation, micro-injection moulding, gold deposition, assembly and packaging.

Daniel Thompson

Daniel Thompson Head of Manufacturing

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As Head of Manufacturing, Daniel Thompson is responsible for the manufacturing of all products at MiniFAB.

His passion for machinery and technology led him to pursue a Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering at La Trobe University in Melbourne which he completed with honours. 

Daniel has been with MiniFAB since 2008. He leads a large Manufacturing team of operators, technicians, engineers and managers in MiniFAB's world class cleanroom manufacturing facility. He has a proven track record of managing large multidisciplinary teams through establishing and operating manufacturing processes capable of delivering high quality and low cost outcomes within an ISO13485 regulated environment. 

Dieter Cronauer

Dieter Cronauer Business Development / Technical Support, Europe

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Dieter joined Minifab in April 2017. He is responsible to set up and grow the Minifab Excellence Center in Europe. Dieter has a broad technical and commercial background and has worked over 12 years in the medical diagnostic field.

Dieter has a Diploma in Technical Physics from Kaiserslautern University. He started his career as a Project Engineer, designing wind tunnel for 7 years. Hereinafter he took various BD and Management positions before he served as an Executive for a Micro-fluidics and Point of Care Diagnostics company.  

Dieters focus is business growth and setting-up the operation in Europe. With more than 11 year of experience in the field and market insight he is a trusted partner for Minifab clients. 

Micah Atkin, PhD

Micah Atkin, PhD Business Development / Technical Support, Europe

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As Minifab's Technical Manager based in Europe, Micah is involved in the development of new business opportunities and working with existing clients to realise successful product outcomes. 

Micah has over 10 years of SME management experience and 15 years device development experience.  He has worked in companies from start-ups through to multi-nationals, and has been involved in managing enterprises, raising capital and setting corporate, development and intellectual property strategies. 

His product development expertise covers a range of instrumentation and consumable based devices including implants, in-vitro diagnostics, and scientific analytical systems. Micah has degrees in Electronic Engineering (Biomedical) and Science (Chemistry), as well as a PhD in Microfluidics (molecular lab-on-a-chip).

Erol Harvey, PhD

Erol Harvey, PhD Co-Founder and Director

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Erol is the co-founder and a director of MiniFAB. Erol has successfully combined a distinguished academic career and entrepreneurial spirit.

With a PhD in Plasma and Laser Physics from Monash University, he spent time in Oxford, UK before returning to Australia in 1999 to become Professor of Microtechnology at Swinburne University specialising in microfluidics, polymer microengineering and packaging.

His team was the seed for the subsequent formation of the CRC for MicroTechnology, a AUD$75M vehicle that brought together Australian academia and industry, attracting such names as Cochlear Ltd, Robert Bosch Australia, and the Australian Institute of Sports.

In 2002, together with Michael Wilkinson, he founded MiniFAB. Erol has served on a number of local and federal Australian government committees, international program review panels and in 2006 Erol was elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE).

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