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Jan 2013

Pathways from Laboratory to Real World Products Presentation at MicroTAS 2014

At MicroTAS 2014 in San Antonio, Texas, Dr Erol Harvey presented on 'Pathways from Laboratory to Real World Products'. Browse through Erol's slides below or click here.

During exciting times of great change and opportunity in lab-on-a-chip enabled healthcare, the pathway to commercialization is crowded with new technologies. It is important to guide travellers through the many risks, technical, financial and regulatory, from laboratory to real world products suitable for the marketplace.

To optimize the chances of successfully reaching the journey's end, you need to clearly define where you're going. Understanding user requirements, adopting a design-for-manufacture approach and having a clear idea of your end-goal can eliminate the many dangers and help avoid the funding 'valley of death'.

Though product development need not be a long journey, it won't be achieved in one giant step. Implementing a staged development strategy segments the pathway into manageable, investible and technically achievable stages, concentrating on risk-based developments as opposed to an agile one. Introducing verification and validation at each stage ensures confidence for your investors, and your product's commercial viability.

Jan 2013

Blister Techniques for On-Cartridge Reagent Storage

"Blister Techniques for On-Cartridge Reagent Storage" (PDF) is a poster presented at the SLAS Conference in Florida, 2013. It presents the benefits and technical challenges of combining liquid or gas reagents with microfluidic cartridges in a development and manufacturing environment.

Jan 2013

Erol Harvey in FOCUS the ATSE Magazine

Read Erol's article in the October issue of FOCUS, the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering's magazine (page 3).

Jan 2013

Design For Manufacture Approaches In Microfluidics

"Design-for-Manufacture Approaches in Microfluidic Product Development" (PDF) is a poster presented at the Lab-on-a-Chip World Congress in San Diego Sept 2012. It explores a range of tools and principles applied by MiniFAB during the design of disposable microfluidic cartridges to ensure successful manufacturing of the final product.

Jan 2013

MiniFAB in the IMechE Bulletin The Institute of Mechanical Engineers October Bulletin

Read about microfluidics, medical devices and MiniFAB in the October edition of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers Bulletin (PDF).

Jan 2013

Technological Innovations that Win Presentation for the Australian Institute of Sport

View Dr Erol Harvey's slides from his presentation at the National Elite Sports Council and the Austrlian Institute of Sport, entitled 'Technological Innovations that Win; The Pathway from Concepts to Outcomes'.

Jan 2013

How Feasible is the $1 lab-on-a-chip? Presentation at Lab-on-a-chip World Congress 2011

"How Feasible is the $1 lab-on-a-chip?" (PDF) is a poster presented at the Lab-on-a-Chip World Congress in South San Francisco, Sept 2011. It describes a systematic approach to developing a useful model to predict the cost of your disposable cartridge, even in the very early stages of concept generation.

Jan 2013

Enabling Technology Company of the Year Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame

MiniFAB (AUST) Pty Ltd has been inducted into the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame. Read the Vic Government media release here.

Jan 2013

Superior Surface Protection AMT Magazine

For complex structures that require superior protection from outside environments, MiniFAB uses Parylene to provide maximum barrier protection. For further information see this link to the May edition of AMT.

Jan 2013

Product Innovation Assessment SEMIP Newsletter

MiniFAB offers clients a Product Innovation Assessment to enable an inexpensive assessment to be conducted before committing to a more expensive, full-scale product development phase. For more information, see the article in the most recent SEMIP newsletter.

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