Dec 2017

3rd Microfluidics Congress 2017 Novotel London West, UK, Booth # 30 - 4-5 December 2017

The 4BIO Summit will provide an interactive networking forum to both further develop and answer your queries through a vibrant exhibition room full of technology providers showcasing their technologies and other solutions, poster presentation sessions, expert led case study presentations and interactive Q&A sessions from a 100 + speaker faculty

Attracting experts working in microfluidic development and application, including point-of-care diagnostics, single cell analysis, lab-on-a-chip applications, droplet microfluidics and next generation microfluidics, the conference will examine the latest developments in the technologies and techniques being used for progressing medical research in areas as disease monitoring, diagnostics and organ-on-a-chip. This interactive meeting will allow you to keep up to date with the cutting edge of research and provides the opportunity to make connections with academics, investors and businesses in your field.

MiniFAB will be exhibiting at Booth # 30

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