Jun 2017

The 9th Annual BioMelbourne Network Connecting Women Lunch 2017 Mural Hall, Myer Bourke St, Melbourne - Friday 2nd June 2017, 12:00 - 3:00pm

The stunning Mural Hall provides the perfect backdrop to meet and reunite with colleagues and make inspiring new connections.  Surprise guest speakers will share their stories and often candid insights into their careers while “On the Couch” with Dr Krystal.

The lunch will also host the presentation of the 2017 BioMelbourne Network Women in Leadership Awards – profiling outstanding women in the biotechnology, medical technology and pharmaceutical sector who are a driving force in the progress of our industry.

With an internationally-renowned team of highly skilled professionals, MiniFAB has completed over 1000 projects with clients worldwide.  Our expertise is delivering unique customised products into application areas including: molecular, immuno and cellular point of care diagnostics; sample preparation and process integration; implantable devices for medical products.  

MiniFAB celebrates its diverse team of experts and is proud to be a supporting sponsor of the Connecting Women Lunch 2017.

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