Jun 2017

Dr Erol Harvey Keynote Presenter at AMN ISMM APCBM ANZNMF 2017 Hobart - Tasmania - 26 - 29 June 2017

The Symposium, which combines four meetings, will occur over four days, with ISMM/APCBM (26-27) and AMN (28-29) running consecutively to provide an amazing opportunity to engage with researchers from the region and the world, with speakers from the local Australia New Zealand community featured throughout. 

This is the first major international meeting to be held in Australia with a strong focus on microfluidics and miniaturised chemistry, engineering and medicine, and will provide a unique opportunity and forum to discuss the latest developments in the field with researchers from all over the world.  

MiniFAB is proud to be a co-sponsor supporting this event.

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