Apr 2016

Medical MEMS and Sensors 2016 Santa Clara, California - 27 – 28 April, 2016

This conference focuses on MEMS and sensor technologies for medical diagnostic applications. The medical MEMS and sensor market size is currently approximately $2.8 billion. Medical MEMS and sensors enable applications where it is advantageous to miniaturize components and systems due to form factor, integration and cost considerations. Furthermore, many applications are newly enabled by MEMS and micro-sensor technologies and would not be possible at all without miniaturization.

One of these exciting application segments is medical diagnostics. This segment has been rapidly accelerating its development in the recent past due to the increased demands for rapid and minimally invasive tools. Enabled by small and cost effective sensors and micro-components, medical diagnostics are a key component for enhancing our quality of life while reducing healthcare costs.

MiniFAB's CEO, Dr Erol Harvey will be speaking at the conference about 'Microfluidics for diagnostics: a 40-year tale of hype and commercialization'.

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