Feb 2013

MiniFAB at Molecular Med TRI-CON

Visit MiniFAB at Booth #221

MiniFAB will be exhibiting at the Molecular Med TRI-CON 2013 for the first time this February (11-15 February) in San Francisco, CA.

"MiniFAB uniquely combines innovative technology, creative, efficient design and precise volume manufacturing. The projects we're working on represent the next generation of point of care diagnostics, things like molecular and genomic diagnostics. It's a great time for our industry and 2013 has a lot of opportunities," says Dr Jason Hayes, MiniFAB’s Product Development Manager.

Jason and MiniFAB Co-Founder, Michael Wilkinson, will be talking with visitors about commercialisation of lab-on-chip diagnostics and the company’s design-for- manufacture approach.

“We’re at the show to talk with clients who use our capabilities. 100 nanometre tolerances in high volume injection moulding, precision metering and mixing of fluidic streams with on-board reagent dispensing, we do all of this under the one roof and under ISO13485 procedures,” says Jason.

“It’s our first time at TRI-CON and we’re really looking forward to participating in this show. It brings together a large group of interesting people to talk about the critical challenges in turning concepts into products,” says Michael. “As sectors converge, there are many ways to learn and share, and this conference is a great setting for this interaction.”

“We see 2013 as a time with some very exciting opportunities and we’re at TRI-CON to connect the dots,” says Michael.

MiniFAB is exhibiting at Booth #221 and is currently scheduling appointments. 

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