Nov 2013

In Memoriam

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Professor Ron Lawes

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of MiniFAB Director, valued colleague and dear friend, Professor Ron Lawes. A larger than life character, Ron was one of the pioneers of microengineering who has left a lasting impression on the subject. He was a treasured mentor and colleague who was fearless in his views and robust in his arguments. Sometimes contentious, Ron was always generous with his time and shared an infectious enthusiasm for the advancement of the technology and its commercial application.

Ron was intellectually rigorous and often playful. He loved to push the computational capabilities of Microsoft Excel to the limits by creating complex spreadsheets as varied in application as the calculation of the energy dose for electron beam lithography and volume cost modeling for semiconductor based MEMS through to an analysis of the global impact of the feet of ants and the scaling laws for the attention span of insects as applied to conference presentations.

Professor Lawes was a keen supporter of many things, the English Cricket Team, track and field athletics, MANCEF, and importantly of the creation of MiniFAB. He provided valuable early mentoring in the establishment of our business model and has been a Board Member of MiniFAB since its inception. Ron was Director of Engineering at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and the Founding Director of the Central Microstructure Facility (CMF) until he retired in September 2003. He continued his scientific career as a Visiting Professor both at Imperial College, London and at Birmingham University. Professor Lawes was a Chartered Engineer, a Chartered Physicist, a Fellow of the City and Guilds Institute, a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and the Institution of Electrical Engineers and a Fellow of the United Kingdom's Royal Academy of Engineering (FREng).

Ron died in hospital in Oxford, UK, on Sun 3rd November surrounded by his loving family. He will be greatly missed by them and a considerable network of friends from around the planet.

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