Oct 2013

Happy Birthday MiniFAB

Celebrating 11 years of developing and manufacturing micro-engineered products

On this day 11 years ago MiniFAB opened its doors for the first time. From a small start-up to a world-leader in product development and manufacturing of micro-engineered products, MiniFAB has travelled a rewarding, challenging and sometimes winding road to get here.

Last year we marked 10 years of MiniFAB with a series of 1-2 minute videos featuring interviews with staff and glimpses into the inner workings of 1 Dalmore Drive, MiniFAB's head office. We thought they warranted a second outing.


The team reflects on 10 years of MiniFAB, what we've achieved and our company's reputation in the global market. In Project Engineer Brody Payne's words, "When you actually stand back and look at what we've achieved, it's really quite incredible".


Watch the team reminisce on how the company's grown, the dawn of MiniFAB's quality system and taking the TearLab product from a concept to manufacturing over 100,000 parts per month.


In the last of our anniversary videos the team talks about MiniFAB's tight-knit community, culture as we look towards our company's exciting future. "MiniFAB is definitely the best team I've worked with. There's no individuals as such, we're all working together for the company and it's a culture," says Quality Manager Catherine Willis.

1 Dalmore Drive, Scoresby VIC

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