Dec 2014

Direct to Brain Bionic Eye Closer to Human Trials

Great news for the Monash Vision Group

Great news for the Monash Vision Group! 

The project has received a further $3 million in funding to continue its work developing a direct to brain bionic eye to assist the more than 500,000 Australians considered legally blind. With this the team can continue its innovative work, with an aim to reach human trials in 2015.

"This comes at a very good time as it will get us to human trials just as the Australian Research Council funding comes to an end," Monash Vision Group director Arthur Lowery said. 

Monash Vision Group (MVG) brings together engineering, computer scientists and medical researchers from Monash University and Alfred Health and industry partners Grey Innovation and MiniFAB.

"We are delighted to see this important injection of funds into the project," said MiniFAB CEO Dr Erol Harvey. "This contribution is a wonderful endorsement of the R&D efforts of the whole team. Monash Vision Group is showing how a new industry / university collaboration model is bringing value and enhancing delivery of an ambitious and challenging goal."

Find out more about Monash Vision Group and the new funding here

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