Nov 2014

Understanding the Pathways from the Laboratory to Real World Products

Errol Harvey's presentation at Lab-on-a-Chip Asia 2014

At this year's Lab-on-a-Chip Asia in Singapore MinIFAB CEO Dr Erol Harvey presented on 'Understanding the pathways from the laboratory to real world products'. Browse through Erol's slides below or click here.

After 20 years of incubation, Lab-on-a-chip technologies are ready to realize their potential. Critical to achieving this goal is their ability to attract investment.

Traditionally there has been a disproportionate emphasis on prototypes in the quest for investment. On too many occasions this disparate focus has created a vicious cycle of expensive and lengthy failures, leaving exciting technologies and ideas in the 'valley of death'. Understanding user requirements, adopting a design-for-manufacture approach and having a clear idea of what your end-goal looks like can eliminate the dangers of the 'valley of death'. Another crucial strategy is implementing a staged development strategy that segments the project into manageable, investible and technically achievable stages, concentrating on risk-based developments as opposed to agile ones.

For the investment community, processes such as these represent a mature and disciplined approach to translating lab-on-a-chip technologies from the bench top, into real-world products that address new commercial opportunities. 

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