Oct 2014

Vote for your favourite sensing technology!

The Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE

The $2.25 million Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE is calling on the public to vote and help determine the winner of this global competition for sensing technology innovations. The competition heralds a future where everyone has access to affordable, personalised healthcare through sophisticated sensing technologies that put individuals in charge of their own health.

Traditional laboratory tests, hospital equipment, and a limited number of machines in a doctor's office are the primary means to get information about a person's health today. In many countries around the world these mechanisms are in short supply; even in developed countries it is difficult to come by access to healthcare that is timely, convenient, cost effective and reliable.

Yet capturing body metrics and interpreting these readings into valuable insights about detection, assessment, treatment and management of health conditions is very possible. Sensing can be used as a faster, cheaper, easier means to get information that has been limited up to now by the capabilities of conventional testing. Improved test methods and radical new alternatives to blood testing, heart monitoring, imaging, are on the near horizon.

The 11 finalists for the Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE present 11 different innovations in sensing technologies that could revolutionise modern healthcare, allowing anyone to collect and analyse their personal health data… anytime, anywhere. The competition's judges are calling on the public to vote for their favourite team. This will account for 10 per cent of the final result.

Among the finalists is SensoDX, a pioneer in the development of universal diagnostics instrumentation, customized assay and software solutions for the individual wellness, hospital and research settings sectors.

The SensoDx platform is based on the programmable bio-nano-chip technology developed by the McDevitt laboratory and Dr. John T. McDevitt. The approach is suitable for broad range of testing modalities including protein, antibody, general chemistry, drug/metabolite, oligonucleotide, cell counting, and cytology assays. The current SensoDx disease diagnostic portfolio encompasses cardiac heart disease, oral cancer, trauma, drugs of abuse, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer. MiniFAB is proud of its work and role as SensoDX's manufacturing partner.

SensoDx seeks to change the current diagnostics paradigm that focuses on late stage disease diagnosis in traditional hospital settings, to new consumer-friendly testing venues using non-invasive sampling methods. This powerful chip-based technology has potential to empower individuals to play more active roles in management of their own healthcare and wellness needs.

Together, PRIZE and Nokia are empowering people to better understand and manage their health through advancements in personalized sensing and diagnostic technology, which will revolutionize healthcare around the world.

Be quick and make sure your vote counts! Voting closes October 30.

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