May 2015

First in human trials of MVG bionic eye

The Monash Vision Group this week announced that they will run the first in human trials of its cortical implant bionic eye in 2016

The Monash Vision Group this week announced that the first in human trials of its bionic eye will start in 2016.

At the American Association for Neurology Surgeons' annual scientific meeting in Washington DC Professor Jeffrey Rosenfeld, director of the Monash Institute of Medical Engineering, said that: "We have gone past the point of no return, where the device has been manufactured in prototype form and it is working in the laboratory".

This is exciting news for MVG and its partners, of which MiniFAB is proud to be one.

The MVG bionic eye will be implanted into up to five patients next year, all of whom are without site. Importantly, the reasons behind the patients' blindness may vary. The design of MVG's bionic eye bypasses the normal visual pathway, meaning that the patients need not have a functioning retina.

Read more about the coming trials here or watch a short news clip on the project from May 4 2015.

The Monash Vision Group, a collaboration between Monash University, Alfred Health, MiniFAB and Grey Innovation.

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