Sep 2012

Plastics Industry Awards

MiniFAB a finalist for Plastics Industry Export Award

MiniFAB was selected as a finalist in the Plastics Industry Export award category at the Plastics Industry Achievement Awards 2012. The awards ceremony coordinated by PlastixANZ was held September 12 in Melbourne.

“We were honoured to be a finalist in this category. MiniFAB exports custom microfluidic cartridges to clients in the US and Europe.” says Andrew Campitelli, MiniFAB’s Head of Marketing and Business Development.

MiniFAB specializes in developing custom microfluidic solutions with a focus on solving complex problems in lab-on-chip and point-of-care diagnostics. MiniFAB has a strong design for manufacture approach, enabling rapid scale-up to volume manufacturing of polymer microfluidic systems. The majority of MiniFAB’s development and manufacturing clients are international.

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