Customers and Markets of MiniFAB

From lab-on-a-chip, point-of-care and medical devices, to micro-components and microfluidic systems


Whether you're in the next city or across the world, our expert staff will rapidly work to understand your needs and partner with your team to generate a unique, custom solution. MiniFAB has satellite offices in the EU and USA to better integrate with our customers across the globe.

Clients of all Types and Sizes

We pride ourselves on the breadth of our client base, which spans multinational industry leaders, start-ups, small to medium companies, universities and research organisations.

Start-up Ventures

Whether assisting to build the case for ventures still in capital raising mode or assisting companies that are spending on product development, MiniFAB has helped many new companies and ventures to get moving using our staged development plan.

Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

MiniFAB has helped companies developing new product lines or evolving existing products into new generations.

Large Multinational Corporations

As a valued open innovation partner, MiniFAB works with large corporations to unblock problems in development processes, provide platforms for new products and extend the capacity of in-house teams.

Government, Universities and Institutions

University and research teams from around the world have used MiniFAB's unique capabilities to provide specialist solutions for one-off problems. MiniFAB has worked with defense researchers to package sensors, with universities to deliver custom machining, and with governments to provide expert consultancy services.


Our capabilities form a key enabling technology that has been applied across a range of business sectors including environmental monitoring, agriculture, aerospace, defense, security, food packaging and particularly in the diagnostics and medical device sectors.

  • Point of Care Diagnostics: Immuno, protein, molecular and cellular
  • Laboratory Diagnostics
  • Sample Preparation and Handling: Blood, serum, sputum, urine, tears
  • Medical Devices: Implants, patches, surgical tools
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems: Water, agricultural, industrial plants
  • Structural Monitoring Systems: Airframe, marine, civil
  • Food Packaging: Modified Atmosphere Packaging, closures, perforation
  • Micro-optics: Micro-lenses, holograms, gratings
  • Microfluidic Systems:Mixers, valves, pumps, connectors, droplet generators,

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