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Cost Modelling

MiniFAB works with your development team to make design-for-manufacture decisions. Formulating an initial manufacturing plan and cost model allows a robust evaluation of cost impacts, sensitivities, volumes and prices.

Throughout the program we investigate different scenarios to explore model sensitivities. MiniFAB has expertise in exploring process-enabled production line balancing to address issues of capacity and impact of automation versus manual processing.

This initial exploration enables critical early manufacturing development, and thus allows MiniFAB, in partnership with you, to develop risk mitigation strategies that save time and money.


Many of our clients have multiple product concepts, ideas or applications. The MiniFAB Sandbox Program is designed to assist you in evaluating early-stage opportunities.

In this program, you work with a team of our experts to brainstorm a variety of concepts. Based on understandings of cost, manufacturability and speed to market, MiniFAB review and make recommendations on opportunities most likely to succeed.

Prototype Feasibilities

You may already have a design in mind. A rapid prototype will allow you to explore its technical feasibility. MiniFAB offers a design and fabrication service that utilises our rapid prototyping techniques to deliver units to you for testing and evaluation.

MiniFAB's extensive range of fabrication processes and techniques can be accessed individually or in any combination required to convert concepts and designs into reality.

Product Requirements and Definition Analysis

Even at very early stages in the product development process, MiniFAB can work with you to help define, scope and identify product opportunities and strategies. Activities include: product requirements definition and analysis; risk identification and mitigation strategies; system conceptual designs and work-flow/user case scenarios.

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