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"We engaged MiniFAB's design-for-manufacture, fabrication and assembly expertise to assist us with our fluidic sensor cartridges based on our novel PeCOD™ technology.
MiniFAB manufactured and supplied the cartridges enabling us to perform our important site testing and evaluations leading to a successful global market release"

Dr Roger Knight,CEO - Aqua Diagnostics

"MiniFAB is a key partner for the Monash Vision Group, bringing a diverse range of technical, management and commercially strategic skills to the development of the 'direct to brain' bionic eye device. MiniFAB's knowledge of micro-fabrication processes, engineering capabilities, risk management and associated quality management systems has proved essential and has enabled the team to develop and prototype a clinically viable medical device that will ultimately be implanted in patients."

Dr Jeanette Pritchard,General Manager - Monash Vision Group

"TearLab began with a very ambitious and difficult product design. After spending three years working with some of the largest and most heralded engineering firms in the world, it had become obvious that no company possessed an existing process that would be able to make our lab-on-a-chip device with the precision and tolerance we needed to be successful. Then, miraculously, we were introduced to MiniFAB.

"MiniFAB was able to solve complex manufacturing challenges that no other firm was even willing to try. We found that MiniFAB was not intimidated by the uncertainty that inevitably surrounds early stage development, as their process was very efficient and allowed a free exchange of ideas.

"MiniFAB features a management team that is as brilliant as they are curious, good-natured and filled with a boundless optimism (which is actually critical to success). It is truly a unique and exceptional team of people that work there. I cannot say enough good things or recommend them strongly enough, as they are amongst the very best in the world at what they do."

Benjamin Sullivan, Ph.D.,Chief Scientific Officer - TearLab Corp

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