Development and Manufacturing Services

Transforming ideas into fully manufactured microfluidic and medical products

MiniFAB's experienced team manages complex projects with rapid translation of design concepts into working prototypes and small or large-scale manufacturing in an ISO 13485 certified process. A flexible staged development plan allows our clients to engage at any point in their product development cycle.

MiniFAB demonstrates and proves design concepts faster so you can accelerate product commercialisation. Continuous progress monitoring assesses and manages risk while optimising requirements to meet changing business needs and technical milestones. Our design-for-manufacture approach ensures your products can transition from prototype to high volumes simply and at low cost.

Integration – The Heart of What We Do

At an organisational level, this refers to our ability to form a multifaceted team, utilise the right technical capabilities and employ our project management skills to develop the product.

At an engineering level, it is our ability to understand the mechanical, electrical, optical, software and biochemical requirements of complex systems, and then to implement micro, nano and biotechnology solutions in the most appropriate manner.

At a technical level, it is our ability to bring together numerous sophisticated technologies, techniques and methods in a single device.

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Product Development – Design & Prototype

You may have a concept and need to determine the best approach; you may have drawings and require rigorous design review; or you may have finalised your design and need a partner to manufacture prototypes or products. Our team of engineers and industrial designers can work seamlessly with your team and your needs.

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Contract OEM & ODM Manufacturing

MiniFAB thrives on solving the challenges raised by your needs. We specialise in volume manufacturing of disposable microfluidic cartridges, with capabilities that are readily transferrable to any number of devices, components and systems.

We have an extensive collection of fabrication equipment with dedicated facilities for packaging and assembly, test and characterisation, production and development. We provide manufacture of products all under one roof.

Our flexible engagement model means that you can develop a few prototypes with us, have us perform volume manufacturing of your product, or leverage our expertise to set up and transfer manufacturing.

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ISO 13485 & GMP quality systems

MiniFAB can offer full-scale, ISO-certified volume manufacturing from our 45,000 ft2 (4,200 m2) facility that includes 4,000ft2 cleanrooms (built to ISO 7 / Class 10,000). Our business incorporates ISO 9001, ISO 13485:2016 and GMP quality systems to provide traceability and relevant levels of control. Data from our Quality Management System (QMS) is instrumental in ensuring the highest standards in manufacturing.

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