Contract OEM and ODM Manufacturing and Assembly

We provide manufacturing, assembly solutions and supply chain logistics to ensure unparalleled quality and consistency

From Concept to Manufactured Product

MiniFAB is a development and manufacturing company specialising in disposable polymer microfluidic cartridges. With ISO 13485-certified manufacturing processes, MiniFAB can manufacture your new or existing products rapidly and reliably with extremely high tolerances achieved through integrated engineering and manufacturing. At each stage of development, MiniFAB can assist with all regulatory aspects of medical devices and components.

Process Development

One of our key strengths is the ability to provide novel processing solutions for products where conventional manufacturers or manufacturing processes are unsuitable. The challenges that we regularly address include the inclusion of micro-sized features, the combination of micro and macro features, combinations of process steps, challenging assembly steps, stringent QC requirements and packaging of the final product.

Manufacturing Volume

MiniFAB's flexible ISO 9001 manufacturing capacity is tailored to the needs of each of our clients, regardless of production volume. Our trained operators deliver small and large volumes of high quality products to clients around the world.

Automation Processes

The automation of production processes is essential to achieve large production capacities and a cost effective production environment. MiniFAB's team of experienced process engineers have a proven track record of establishing automated, specialised production processes for the manufacturing of highly toleranced, low cost disposable products.

Assembly & Packaging

Highly-qualified technicians assemble products in a quality controlled environment. MiniFAB's packaging engineering expertise can assist you to efficiently manage the specification and implementation of a packaging solution to your requirements.

Supply Chain Management & Logistics

MiniFAB manages a comprehensive supply chain covering everything from advanced and often unique engineering materials, consumables and spare parts, equipment and components, and custom services. Working closely with clients, MiniFAB develops rigorous shipping processes to deliver products internationally, including cold-chain management. We can deliver all aspects of the supply chain and logistics for your product.

Manufacturing Transfer

MiniFAB's strict adherence to Design for Manufacturing principles during the development phase of your product ensures a smooth transition from concept design to manufacturing. MiniFAB's Transfer to Manufacturing program is designed to transfer the finished product to an ISO 13485 compliant manufacturing system. Pilot line manufacturing can be established at MiniFAB utilising our infrastructure. Additionally, MiniFAB can transition manufacturing to a location of your choice.

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