Product Development

Our team of engineers and industrial designers can rapidly design and prototype your project

Design for Manufacture

MiniFAB has exceptional in-house design and engineering competence, tackling some of the most difficult problems to create solutions that provide value for our clients through the unique combination of technologies, processes, and expertise.

MiniFAB's Product Development Team leverages our Microfluidic ToolBox to design diagnostics, instruments, medical devices, microfluidic components and complete systems. The Microfluidic ToolBox is used to make informed decisions about the interface between non-disposable instruments and disposable cartridges, generating insight into strategic decisions for the location of critical structures like pumps, valves, heaters, reagent storage and waste reservoirs. When combined with 3D concepts for your disposable cartridge, MiniFAB's Microfluidic ToolBox brings your product vision to life sooner.

System Interfaces & Fluid Control

One of the most critical product development challenges involves interface design between the cartridge and the fluid control system. MiniFAB has developed simple systems for this interfacing, including manifolds to connect fluidic cartridges for sample and reagent introduction, and handling of air and waste. Integrated features for mixing, reservoirs, valves, channels and flow cells enable flow regulation and control, giving each cartridge the functionality required to perform a specific task.


MiniFAB provides prototypes for testing and validation of design as well as small volume production runs. For initial performance testing, MiniFAB has created a microfluidic development platform – the MiniCHEMLAB. The MiniCHEMLAB enables rapid drop-in performance testing and may be easily customised to include sensors, heaters and any other components required by our clients. MiniCHEMLAB cartridges produced during early development stages enable functionality testing and rapid modification to optimise processes in the work flow. MiniCHEMLAB is available for rent or purchase during development programs.

Industrial Design

MiniFAB engages and integrates its industrial design team throughout the product development process, from concept generation through manufacture, to bridge the gap between innovative engineering and human interaction, ensuring all aspects of both the product and manufacturing solution address the needs and desires of the user.

With an ever-watchful eye on market and consumer trends, in spaces beyond those of microfludicis and medical diagnostics, MiniFAB’s designers add value to products through ergonomics, visual styling, manufacturing conceptualisation and material exploration to create highly desirable, competitive and usable products.

MiniFAB offers a wide range of creative services, from concept generation, ideation and visualisation, through to physical prototyping and design assessment. Rapid application of industrial design, through sketching and digital visualisation, brings innovative ideas and solutions surrounding the use, aesthetics and graphics of a product early in the design phase, establishing a solid visual and functional direction that is evolved throughout the project.

Our capabilities in industrial design include:

  • Brainstorming
  • Concept generation
  • Digital visualisation
  • Ergonomic and use case investigations
  • 3D prototypes / study models
  • Brand identity
  • Aesthetic development
  • Design assessment

Product Design by MiniFAB

Medical Industrial Design by MiniFAB

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